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STEP 3 – Add and Verify Domain Aliases (max of three)

In this step, you need to pre-verify the domains you wanted to add to your Google Apps account. You can have a maximum of three domains in your account (one primary and two secondary domains). You have two options:

  • If you want to remove your current primary domain completely, add and verify two domain aliases.
  • If you want to keep your current primary domain as a secondary domain, add and verify three domain aliases.

NOTE: The good thing is whichever option you choose, all your emails from your current primary domain will remain intact. They WILL NOT BE DELETED.

Go to Domains > Add/remove domains > ADD A DOMAIN ALIAS.


Once you click CONTINUE AND VERIFY DOMAIN OWNERSHIP, you would be redirected to a page with specific instructions on how to verify domain ownership from your registrars dashboard.


Repeat the steps twice or thrice to add two or three domain aliases respectively.


STEP 4 – Create a Temporary Super Admin User

At this moment, I need you to understand that I CANNOT post or share with you the rest of the procedure. Nevertheless, I am willing to do it for you FREE OF CHARGE. The final step would only cost you your TRUST and a LITTLE LOVE BY SHARING it with your friends who would need my help. You need to create a temporary super admin user for me so I can start the procedure. I understand that you will feel uncomfortable in sharing a super admin credential with a complete stranger. It is definitely normal – I felt the same way too when I was contacting those people offering paid services. I assure you that you would not loose your account.

Once you have recollected your thoughts and decided to trust me, follow the following steps on creating a temporary super admin user.

Go to Users > Add User.


Click the newly created user and go to Admin roles and privileges > MANAGE ROLES and check Super Admin and click UPDATE ROLES.


Once the temporary super admin user is set, send an email to my Outlook Mail with the following format:

Leave a comment here to inform me that you have sent me the details. I would need your cooperation and constant communication over the course of procedure. That would determine how fast we are going to complete the primary domain change.

Lastly, just sit back and relax while I work on your account.

UPDATE 1 – June 18, 2017: When sending me an email, please use a common, well-known mail provider like Yahoo!, GMail, or Microsoft. DO NOT USE an account from the Google Apps you want me to work on. This would ensure that I would be able to reach you and inform you about the changes that I made to your account. I’ve already worked with people who used their personal domain, but their MX records or mail server settings are incorrectly set up. When I tried to contact them about their account, my mail bounced. In those cases, I do not have any means to get back to them. Any how, if you are one of those people, I would just like to inform you to use your new primary domain to login. Thanks!

UPDATE 2 – June 24, 2017: Please follow these additional prerequisites:

  • Rename ALL USERS and GROUPS to the current primary domain.
  • Uninstall any marketplace apps in your account by going to (Apps > Marketplace Apps). Do make sure you have your own backup of the data from those third-party applications. That is beyond the scope of Google Apps.

UPDATE 3 – July 5, 2017: I will be away until July 14, 2017. I won’t be able to address your requests while I’m gone. Please refrain from sending me your credentials until then. I do not want your Super Admin passwords lying around in my inbox. There are people who are offering domain change for a fee. If you cannot wait for me, you can contact them. I’m sure they provide good service as well. Not as priceless as mine, though. 😉

UPDATE 4 – December 15, 2017: Hi everyone. I would like to assure you that I am reading all your email and I am overwhelmed by the number of requests I receive everyday. Unfotunately, my laptop crashed two days ago maybe because of its age, an incompatible update, or whatnot. I haven’t worked on any request since then. I am currently reinstalling my system and recovering my files. After I recover my system, I will slowly try to cope up with the current pending requests. For all others who haven’t sent their request yet, please do me a favor and just save it in your email drafts for now. I will also be out of town until January 12, 2018 and have very limited access to my main system until then. If you have an urgent request regarding domain change, please refer to what I said in my previous update (UPDATE 3). Thank you.

P.S.: I don’t really recommend the people who are doing this for a fee but if you really need an urgent help with your account, that’s the least I can do.

UPDATE 5 – February 5, 2018: I’M BACK! I will be working on requests received today onward. If you sent an email before this update, I advise that you send them again to get in line. Thank you.

UPDATE 6 – February 9, 2018:

Hi Everyone!

I have completed the last pending requests I have in my inbox. I would like to thank you all for the trust and support. Unfortunately, I will be taking on a new project soon so I would need to pause again. I won’t be able to work on any request starting today (Feb 9, 2018 PST). All incoming request emails will be filtered and be sent to trash for the security of your account as well as mine.

It was a pleasure helping you all. Remember to PAY IT FORWARD!

Bye for now.


  1. Root, the first thing I want to thank is the time spent helping people like me, let alone a newcomer, can not get over it.
    I would like to know where I can send you the information from the account.

    Thank you

  2. So, I’m puzzled – you’re not sharing the final step(s) for completing this process, but at the same time, you’re no longer providing the service? Correct? Has anyone found any alternate solutions?
    Thanks much!

    • Hop on fiverr and search for gapps or suite primary domain – there are several folks who offer it as a cheap service (I had mine done for $10: changed primary domain and added a secondary)

      • Please be vigilant in providing your credentials. I just checked this website and it is exactly a copy-paste of my post.

        Seeing that there is no real effort made in that post, how could anyone be sure that he even tried to find the trick?

        Smells “phisy” to me (excuse the pun).

        • Didn’t cost me a dime, and anyways I didn’t have anything on the website to loose. Actually you did one domain for me, then you just randomly stopped… unfortunately.

          • Out of the hundreds of accounts I worked on, I experienced an issue with one of my test accounts. That is the reason why I decided to stop. I don’t want anyone to experience the same issue with their account.

            I still have access to that test account. I will try to experiment on it again. If I manage to fix it, I will offer this service again during my free time. And as always, it would still be FREE.

            Until further notice, I will not post my email here to prevent anyone from sending their credentials to me.

        • Thanks Root. I noticed it was an exact copy when I reviewed it. Agreed, sounds phisy.

          If you have the time, I’m willing to “take a chance” on whatever “issue” you had on one of your test domains.

          Much appreciated.

  3. Hi Root,

    Could you help me change the primary domain as well? I have done all that you have mentioned but didn’t see the email info to send the required information.


  4. Hi,

    While you are not providing this service anymore, and will probably not share the complete procedure, can I get at least some indications who may help me.
    Is your method GUI or API-based?

    Otherwise, do you know other peoples who may do that for free?

    Thanks your in advance for your reply 😉

        • I only use it to check the creation date of the account. After verifying that info, I use the Admin Dashboard all through out the procedure.

      • Thanks, now I know I can stop digging around the API.

        I’ve upturn all the admin panel again and again, but I don’t found any loophole yet which will let me add a secondary domain or downgrade from a trial version with a secondary domain.

        While turning around the other Google’s products, I found out the secondary domains are listed in Google Domains (, but not the aliases. But I don’t think that will help me much.

        Do you have a hint? It’s in an application-specific settings? Or in a more general settings page?

  5. Hi root,

    I’ve done almost all steps in this post. And I’m wondering if you have time help me with my domain transferring.

    Looking forward to here from you soon! If you are available, please also let me know your email address. Thank you very much!

  6. Hi Root,

    I see that you are no longer offering this service so I may have to go to an external provider (there are lots offering this service on and elsewhere). Could you give us a piece of advice or an update to your blog?

    After we give someone else access to make the change for us (like we would have done with you), are there any steps we can take to audit our account and ensure that no remaining access has been enabled via the google API interface and poses a security risk? I know you can do a lot with the API Admin console and I’d like to know what steps we can take to make sure the account is fully secured (other than resetting the shared password and enabling 2FA)?

    • Hi,

      I did not delve deeper into other API commands. As far as what I know, the API access are tied to the account you gave the person. Once you delete the temporary account, the API access would be revoked automatically.

      Make sure he did not create a rogue user that he may access later. Audit the Roles and Permissions and remove any Super Admin roles other than your own account. You may also reset all your other users’ passwords.

  7. People people people… please read the comments.
    Root do not provide this service any more… to bad as I missed it too.

    Hey, root, as you no longer provide ther service, maybe you would like to share?

  8. This is exactly what I need help with. However, I did not find your mailbox in this web page. Could you please inform it ASAP? Thanks so much!

  9. Dear root,

    cant find your email id anywhere around . the outlook email word is striked in the article . please provide your email address . its a very urgent requirement . please help

    • It was always free but I am not accepting any request anymore. If you can wait, I might release the info to the public. If you’re in a hurry, you can find people in freelancing websites who can do it for a price.

  10. Some characters still keep the old domain name,
    For example, Gmail—setting—language: “domain name” Mail display…..
    and loading Gmail page’s title,. there is a old domain name.
    Will they never be replaced?

  11. Hi Everyone!

    I have completed the last pending requests I have in my inbox. I would like to thank you all for the trust and support. Unfortunately, I will be taking on a new project soon so I would need to pause again. I won’t be able to work on any request starting today (Feb 9, 2018 PST). All incoming request emails will be filtered and be sent to trash for the security of your account as well as mine.

    It was a pleasure helping you all. Remember to PAY IT FORWARD!

    Bye for now.

    EDIT: I am contemplating if I should release the method for everyone’s benefit. However, that would also mean that it might be patched sooner than later. Well, I’m sure G Suite’s Team is already well aware of how it is done.

    • I am bummed I missed out. I have a primary domain and secondary domain (not an alias), and I’d love to make to make the secondary domain my primary domain so that I can get rid of the original primary domain.

      Considering that I already use email accounts w/ the secondary domain, would your method affect those active (secondary) email accounts at all? Ideally, they need to stay intact.

      Good luck w/ your new project. Hopefully I can catch you at another time, or maybe you’ll divulge your complete method.

    • Hi Root,

      I sent you an email with details for my domain on Dec 30, 2017. I don’t see any changes. Were you able to get to it? Would really appreciate if you could help with it please.

        • Oh no! Could you please consider it for me then? I thought you would receive the email when you got back from your break. I would really appreciate it. Since I sent it before your cut-off I would really appreciate it, if you could consider this one as exception and help out.

  12. Many thanks Root, you are genius!!

    Now my old Google Apps account has come to life again.

    I would like to thank you twice: one for the job itself and second because the whole proccess since my request email lasted some 2-3 hours!


  13. Thank you very much, root.
    Amazing job swapping the primary domain in less than a day since requested.
    Wish the very best in the world.

  14. Thanks for changing the primary domain of my legacy Google apps account for free in under 24 hours. Now I can use it to provide free personalized e-mail for family members 🙂 You’re the best!

  15. I request the nice service at 20171214, issue to Update 4 and Update 5, now I have been my primary domain changed successfully. Thanks again!

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