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Google Apps Legacy Account or G Suite Standard Edition is a very interesting FREE service previously offered by Google. It allows domain owners to host their emails in Google’s servers using their own primary domain (e.g. [email protected]). I managed to register an account before they stopped accepting new registrations on December 2012.

Fast forward 4 years, I needed to change the primary domain I used to register in my Google Apps Legacy account. I learned that they had limited the possibility to update it unless you upgrade your account to a paid subscription. But here’s the catch – you won’t be able to downgrade back to the free legacy account once you started paying.

I searched for ways to legitimately edit my primary domain but ended up seeing lots of paid services that offer to change it for you. Well, I told my self – “if they can do it, I can do it”. I refused to avail any of these paid services but I managed to get necessary hints from all the blogs, forums, and freelance offerings.

After spending several hours trying to figure out the way, I was successful not only in changing my primary domain but also adding one or two secondary domains! It took a lot of careful experimentation and guts. A single click could cause you to lose your account permanently. With tons of data consolidation from different forums along with detailed documentation of what works and what doesn’t, I was able to create my own systematic procedure.

Google offered G Suite Standard Edition for free so IMHO, it is justifiable to give back and help others with the domain swap for free.


  1. Verify Account Creation Date
  2. Enable API Access and Rapid Release
  3. Add and Verify Domain Aliases (max of three)
  4. Create a Temporary Super Admin User


STEP 1 – Verify Account Creation Date

Login to your Admin Dashboard using your Super Admin account. Open Google API Explorer and nagivate to All versions > Admin directory API > directory.customer.get. Put the following information


Then click Authorize and execute. Select in the OAuth scope window.


The output would determine if your Google Apps account is eligible for this procedure. If the customerCreationTime is earlier than December 6, 2012, you can proceed with the rest of the steps.


STEP 2 – Enable API Access and Rapid Release

Go back to your Admin Dashboard then go to Security > API Reference and check Enable API access.


Next, go to Company Profile > Profile Be sure the following are selected



  1. Hi RootCommand,

    I sent you an e-mail with details of my account.
    Thank you very much for provide us such nice service.
    Please contact me via e-mail for further communication.

  2. No words can describe my feelings.
    You are wonderful !!!!!!
    Thanks to you I can restore 2 google apps.
    Thank you very much, and I will definitely share with all my friends about you !!!!

  3. Hello RootCommand,

    Amazing! I am able to login with new primary domain.
    Appreciate for your help and goodwill.

    Thank you very much.

  4. Hi everybody.
    Initially, I was also very nervous about handing over the account to rootcommand. But think that if not help the account does not do anything.

    And that decision made me fruitful. I have changed the root domain.

    Sincere thanks for the enthusiastic help and especially not the very feeble failure of rootcommand.

    I will introduce this article to my friends.

    Once again thank you for your contribution to the community of Root Command. Although google probably does not like this.


    • Just wanted to let anyone knows that it worked flawlessly!
      Thanks for your help root command! Just donated some bitcoins as a token of my appreciation.
      Also will let all my friends know about your service.
      Keep up the good work!

  5. Hi RootCommand,
    I have sent you a request with all the details, kindly change my primary and secondary domains.
    I can trust you because you have done this already for one of my other domains.
    Thanks a lot

    • Wow!. Just amazing selfless service and support. All done in a few hours. Deleted my old domain and assigned a new one. I am still in awe.

      Thanks so much RootCommand

    • Yes, The RootCommand already did the great work, my primary domain has been changed to new domain successfully, So I can’t login with the old domain any more.

      Thanks for RootCommand!

    • You didnโ€™t lose it. You just didnโ€™t follow my instruction to use a different email other than your GApps accounts. I was trying to contact you but my email bounced because you used

      You can login using your new primary domain –

      Youโ€™re welcome!

    • Thank you so much for doing the needful and you kind co-operation in between. I was amazed with your work & specially your in prompt communication. You well deserver more than thank you.

  6. Hi Root Command, just wanted to thank you for this, I had my suspicions at the beginning for why would someone do this for free but really that worked perfectly eventually, many many thanks, now all is sorted and I’m enjoying the new primary domain! Cant thank you enough ๐Ÿ™‚

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