Graylog Web Interface
Graylog Web Interface

STEP 4: Install Graylog 2.0

Download and install the latest Graylog repository in our system so we can use yum to install the software.

After the installation, we need to generate the secret keys. We will be using pwgen to generate the random keys for the Graylog configuration.

Note: The admin password is set on the 5th line. Be sure to change password inĀ  echo -n password.

Open the configuration file vim /etc/graylog/server/server.conf and edit the following:

Run Graylog server

Allow Graylog server to initialize for a few minutes. Afterwards, check if Graylog Web Interface is already bound to port 9000.

Test it out and explore its options by going to


where Graylog_IP_Address is your Graylog server’s IP address or localhost if you installed it in your local machine.


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