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Once the keys are generated, we can now configure the line TTYs and VTYs to use SSH. Here is the excerpt of the config currently running in my Access-Server.

Repeat the same line config up to from line 32 to line 64. Be sure to change the rotary group for each line number.

With the configuration above, all the 32 (33-64) TTY lines available from the NM-32A module are assigned a their own specific port. Using an octal cable, each of those lines would be directly connected to the console port of a Cisco device.

Here is my line mapping:



With this setup, I can now connect directly to my Cisco routers and switches by SSH’ing to the Access-Server using the port assigned to the line plugged-in to device I want to login to.

The connection would be as if you are connected to the device’s console physically. You can even reboot the device without being disconnected and watch as it runs through the boot sequence (from POST to login prompt).

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